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What We Do


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CFNY partners with architects, designers, general contractors, commercial furniture dealers and end-users providing creative integrated workplace architectural solutions.


Think of us as an extension of your own team – specialists dedicated to your unique specifications and challenges.  We are deeply connected with each client, providing visionary direction utilizing our extensive breadth of unique suppliers from around the globe, providing innovation, and timely complete delivery.

Climate Office - people first, products second

It is no longer sufficient to focus on furnishings alone.  In collaboration with C + P Climate Office we have developed solutions to optimize indoor climate and improve employee satisfaction,  especially in the open-plan offices.

The object it to create the optimal human comfort zone.  That calls for a wide product range which provides creative freedom for architects and planners.  We will partner with you to shape, deliver and share your vision with innovative design solutions.


DESIGN, COMFORT AND QUALITY - high-end architectural walls for many years. Premium quality, architectural designs, a large product range with customized solutions for every project and pre-eminent project management and installation.