Pods & Hubs

Pods & Hubs

If you are looking to create a number of individual environments with high quality acoustics, our light weight pods and hubs are the solution. In the ever-changing workspace environment, it is essential to continuously innovate and our demountable and manouverable pods and hubs allow you the freedom to reconfigure time and time again to suit your individual needs and with no dilapidation costs.
Oasis Linear
Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern open plan office. The Oasis Linear Booths and Pods provide a stylish, flexible and cost-effective solution.
Oasis Soft
Oasis Soft is upholstered in tactile, sound-absorbing fabric, to give a softer, domestic feel.
The majority of offices are open plan, which greatly benefits teamwork, communication and flexibility. But it comes at a cost: noise and a lack of privacy.
Dimension Pods are the perfect solution. An acoustically engineered room within a room, Dimension offers walls and a ceiling for complete privacy.
With a comprehensive range sizes, shapes, finishes, fabrics and features, our stylish Dimension Pods tick all the boxes.

Recent Projects

Bournemouth Library
Dating back to 1913, this space was originally an art room with a high pitched ceiling and great natural light, but over the years the effect was diminished by the addition of a mezzanine floor and high shelving covering the windows. The college was keen to reveal the original features of the room and bring back the light and airy feeling to the space. A similar style was required to the new campus at North Road, but with a more subdued colour palette sympathetic to the age of the building.
The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design Royal College of Arts
Working their client The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Frem Group Screens were asked to create a number of different working environments that were acoustically sound within their design studio in South West London. The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design is endowed by the Helen Hamlyn Trust, a charity dedicated to supporting innovative projects that will effect lasting change and improve quality of life.
In response to the brief, Frem proposed their Dimension Pod System. This system meant that they could keep costs to a minimum by using the existing plastered brick walls of the building as the rear walls to all of the rooms being built into an alcove. Appropriate amounts of acoustic absorbing materials were also used in the ceilings and walls of the Dimension Meeting Pod allowing the customer to have the existing rear wall as a feature/work wall if needed for the various projects.
London Based Coporate Office: An Integrated Environment

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