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A Networked team of Proven Professionals


Commercial File of NY (CFNY) is a preeminent provider of workplace storage solutions, commercial furniture and architectural wall. We work closely with architects, designers, general contractors, commercial furniture dealers and end-users providing creative integrated workplace solutions.

With 32 years in the marketplace, CFNY has earned our reputation by delivering smart, innovative and creative solutions for the workplace. Founder Brian Dunn, our professional staff, and our extended network bring well-honed expertise and progressive insights to every project and challenge - be it a  fast turn around glass wall installation project or the latest in locking technology for shared lockers.


Specifying Services

We gain knowledge to define your specifications,  and we reach and engage our uniquely honed supplier partners, both domestic and internationally.  Our attention to integrating our unique brands to meet your design specifications, meticulously detailing conceptual drawings, attention to schedule, and site interviews ensures that the project moves forward strategically and in balance as a whole enterprise.  The result: a strengthening of the value and impact of your most valued intangible asset – Creating a lasting relationship meeting today’s challenges while always looking ahead at emerging needs and opportunities.

Account Management

Successful projects are expressions of relevant value and meaningful impact, centering around and reinforced by our mission and competitive strategy. That’s why our work starts with a clear understanding of your projects scope, budget, and schedule and your current and future endeavors.  Informed through assessment and research methodologies appropriate to your scope, we translate design goals and audience needs and insights into actionable projects for competitive advantage. 

Project Management

Translating your core architectural objectives, commitments, competencies and aspirations into a transformative delivery of timely and complete projects is the heart and soul of our work.  Through the harmonious blend of keen strategy and bold creative delivery, we help our core partners of designers, builders, contract furniture dealers, and our corporate clients to exceed expectations.  We are catalysts, surprising and delighting our clients by going the extra mile for the last 32 years.



An office environment demands high quality solutions that blends in with your design.

Demountable Wall

Premium quality, architectural designs, large product range with customized solutions for every project.  Knowledge, Experience, Flexability.

Manufactured and Custom Millwork

Flexible, sustainable millwork solutions you can apply across the spectrum of complex work interiors. Complete coordination of projects logistically - either union or non-union.

Laboratory Casework / Fume Hoods

We meticulously evaluate your design to understand your exact needs and requirements and  work closely with you to refine your plans.


Make no mistake, Aurora Shelving is the original standard of value, options and quality.


 From Stone, Phenolic, Epoxy Resin, Laminate, Stainless Steel, Butcher Block, Glass...

"We bring workplace solutions to life"